Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yes, it's a promise from before! AFA X ~ 2010

First of all, thanks to Misaki who introduced AFA to me :D
Thanks Misaki, Chantelle and Grace for accompanying me there too :D

Early in the morning, well, it's not that early though...
Left the hotel at about 8.15am and quickly rush to the MRT station..
I scared I missed the MRT and have to wait again so I ran into the MRT when the doors are going to close! But then, I suddenly realized I rode on the wrong MRT, it is going to the opposite direction! GAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Chantelle for queuing at seven early in the morning on Day 1. We were able to get in on time! 9am starts, 7am already there, awesome right? However, it took so much time to find people without handphone, my stupid celcom line handphone can't call out, can't sms out, can't receive call, only can receive sms! APA LAH!!!!!!!!!!

4th floor.. YOSH!! *ran up the escalator and arrived 3rd floor*.. eh? isn't this 3rd floor? Why tons of people? There I double-checked, triple-checked the information paper I printed myself. It's really 4th floor but why is 3rd floor so crowded?? Well, ignored that... search for Chantelle and Grace! and Misaki!

I walked from the end of queue until the start of queue but found no one :(
Continued from the start of queue until the end of queue but still found no one :((
Last time for me already! The end of queue until the start of queue... whoosh~ Grace! Mitsuketta!! Chantelle wa doko? She went to change.... Misaki? Mada koko ni... Ah soka..

My first time seeing this large crowd! this long queue! O__O

After purchasing tickets for 2 days, we went in to the Exhibition Hall 401.
Yupe! Walk around like an idiot! For me lah.. but I followed Misaki who's experienced! Managed to got some flyers.

Far away from the Mini Stage in Exhibition Hall 401, we saw a cosplayer on the stage. Well, who's that? *Confused and ran up to look into it*
Chantelle: Is that Kaname?
Lelouch: Saa.. Kaname, the one you always mention during exams?
Chantelle: Ya! *look closely, with serious eye sight* Macam ya oh!
Lelouch: Shiranai........ (not really interest, don't really know who's that..)
Misaki: Yes! ....... Maybe...
Chantelle: *look more serious again..!* Macam yes oh! There's a queue, let's queue! *dragged me with her to the queue*
Lelouch: Uh, is it? oh okay... don't pull me too hard...

and WOW!!! It's really KANAME!!! Well, at that time, it would seems like Misaki and I were dragged into taking photographs with KANAME. But then, thinking back of it, OMG! That moment is so unforgettable!! OMG!!! It's my first time taking photograph with a famous person! Hey y'know, it's hard to get photograph with famous people!! And KANAME is my first one of all?! There is no way I don't get excited and addicted to KANAME!! :D

And the character KANAME cosplaying is the main character from 'Tegami Bachi' who's voiced by my most favourite seiyuu, Fukuyama Jun!! KANAME totally caught my heart *faint*

Ehem.. next... We walked around~

and there end my part 1.... have to go to sleep.. will continue tomorrow...

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Singapore Trip :D
It really took me some time to refresh back...
Sorry for the wait.. tee hee hee :D

It's my first time traveling out of this country called Malaysia. My role to Singapore is to be the 'tourist guide' for mymom and brother..... Oh well, who cared that, I took the opportunity to enjoy myself as well ;P by suggesting fun places to go like Sentosa Island, Universal Studio, Singapore Zoo, Orchard Road and so on~~~

The main purpose going to Singapore is not playing.. We went there to see a doctor.. The doctor is introduced by my brother's teacher (well, she was my teacher too when I was in primary school :D). Though I don't really understand it, but what's written in the published booklet are true to my brother. Therefore, we went to try out for.. miracle?

02.11.2010 (Tuesday) - Arrival :D
Arrival: about 5.30pm
Guided by: My cousin and her husband around the places we've to go through these two weeks. As expected, I am the one who have to remember all of them -_-'''
First dinner: At a Japanese Restaurant (Not our choice, my cousin just brought us there and eat...) It's my first time having Japanese food~ Oishiiii sou~!!!
After dinner activities: Went to the rooftop park and had a good view of the Orchard scenery.
My situation: Even though my cousin is pregnant, she can even walk faster that me.... My legs' muscle has already shouting out painful only walking around non-stop like that for few hours!!
Back to Hotel: I can't believe that we only back to hotel at 9pm O__O []Hah! My first time going back this late huh?]
Well, the following days will be tough for me huh? ~__~

03.11.2010 & 04.11.2010 (Wednesday & Thursday) - Irlen Appointment
Irlen Dyslexia Clinis, our first destination in Singapore!
Appointment at 10am for two days, and it seems like my brother really has this Irlen Syndrome and is categorized as the serious one. Testing with him and I found the coloured-transparent things fit me well, as I don't really like bright colours like bright red and yellow..
Dr Doris checked me out as well, but I'm just light sensitive :)

My brother continued his courses everyday learning phonics there in order to observe his situation..
Everyday one hour >> SGD100 gona~
7days, 8hours >> SGD800 gone~ TT_______TT
However it seems that in Singapore, one-to-one tuition fee really cost this much O__O
From what I heard from my cousin.... Well... well........

03.11.2010 (Wednesday) - Explore nearby!
Don't go too far~ Later don't know how to come back XD
So then, let's explore the nearby buildings..!!
Singapore Shopping Center where the Irlen Clinic is located.. well nothing in particular there, mostly office or massage or skin treatment or whatever..... NEXT!!
Plaza Singapura, we bought food here at Carrefour Hypermarket! Well, Shopping places are always full of fashion stores and shoes stores.. I have no interest in them.. not really because I don't like the design or whatever.. I don't even give a look at those stores because I can't even afford them right?!

Whoosh~!!! AFA X huh? How should I get to the Suntec Convention Center at Suntec City? Texted Chantelle and she got to know that Suntec City is actually near to the hotel I was staying in from Misaki.. Soon after that, we walked all the way to Suntec and the road along way are full of Christmas atmosphere~ To think that it's only the beginning of November! Nive♥

And I'm glad that I found out that the Bras Basah MRT Station is nearer than Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station! :D

We arrived Suntec at about 6pm! Took a picture as memorial that I got there safely :D and as a confirmation that I can go to Suntec for AFA X~
And so, we walked around Suntec and I don't think we're always in Suntec.. As you know Singapore's basement is so awesome that even you've entered another building called Marina Square, you still don't know :P
But we came back to Suntec again to watch the Fountain of Wealth Show! Totemo suteli yo~ ^^

04.11.2010 (Thursday) - Explore to the South!
Today's schedu;e: Dhoby Ghaut >> Clark Quey >> Chinatown
How many kilimeters have me walked? I don't know that either...
Anyway, the night view of Clark Quey is really AWESOME!!! Too wonderful :O
Day view

Night view

05.11.2010 (Friday) - Imbiah Lookout!
Happy Deepavali to all Indian races people :D
My cousin took us to Sentosa Island, Imbiah Lookout~
Even though they suggested us to choose the thing we wanna play there, but there's no way we can do that since we're not familiar with it right? Really took time to choose *swt...*
Merlion represents Singapore

06.11.2010 (Saturday) - Singapore Zoo!
OMG!! Not enough time to explore finish TT____TT
But I'd at least satisfied that I made myself running until tired the whole day :D
Indeed, there're too many to mention about the Singapore Zoo! It'll be better to go explore yourself!

07.11.2010 (Sunday) - Universal Studio Singapore!
This is even hard to describe in words! All the photos are uploaded to facebook :)

Entrance of Universal Studio Singapore!

The Sentosa Island Entrance is the Shopping Mall called Vivo City! And WOW!!!!!! There's a really TALL Christmas Tree!! 104ft~ woots!

08.11.2010 (Monday) - Rest :(
While we were in Universal Studio, it rained a little sometimes. I think I got sick because of that.. hehe... Sore throat! My weakness..
But we went around Dhoby Ghaut for sight-seeing ^^

09.11.2010 (Tuesday) - Marina Bay!
My sickness got well a little! That's why! Without hesitating, journey continue!!
Marina Bay! Let's just traveled by MRT there.. I don't really intend to walk more *swt...*
The famour destination at Marina Bay is the Casino and Sand Sky Park! Casino is of course forbidden! Sand Sky Park is a place for viewing almost the whole Singapore(?) Well, I don't really know since I didn't enter the Sand Sky Park.. With that high price per person O__O I nearly fainted down.........

There's the Singapore Flyer around Marina Bay too! So BIG!!

10.11.2010 (Wednesday) - Orchard Road!
Hmm.. I don't really know where to go already.. hehe..
Anyway, Orchard Road seems beautiful for its decoration! So we decided to go there!
However, it's out of my expectation.. I didn't expect Orchard Road to be this long *swt...*
I only managed to walk half of the road.. No energy and No time already... But we managed to walk around at Takashimaya which is recommended by Chantelle! And so the Japanese Bookstore, Kinikuniya! Actually I've gone to one the same before when I go to Clark Quey XD

Teddy bear Christmas Trees at Takashimaya!

11.11.2010 (Thursday) - Rest :(
Due to everyone is sick, so we took a day off~
Sore throat! Saiaku da!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I slept in the hotel for the whole evening zZzzzZzzzz........
And dinner time at 9pm O___O

12.11.2010 (Friday) - Museum!
National Museum Singapore (NMS)
It is much more unexpected!! There're even different sections?!
1) POMPEII - Life in a Roman Town 79CE
2) History of Singapore - Almost the same as what we learnt in our Sejarah, but this is the most unexpected amongst all!! Every single person going in is given a guided computer! The computer is your guide! And it's even arranged in numbers! This section might take one day.. Really! You won't be able to finish all of them unless you stay there for the whole day to finish them! Inside's design is somehow a little bit like labyrinth....
3) Lifestyle of Singapore - Fashion, Food, Lifestyle of Singapore
4) Presidental Presents - State gifts from 1962-2009

Singapore Art Museum (SAM)
I have to really say this: I swear I won't take Art's path! I can't understand what is ART anyway -_-'''

I think I should do it like this in my UEC Art Exam *annoyed...!!*

This black surface.. it is called art......... *getting more annoyed...!*
Why is this called art?!!?
No matter which angle you try to look at it, it's just a black surface!
Yet why is it called art anyway...!!!!!!????

This one is really nice..!! This is an acceptable art for me....

I got bored in the art museum seeing those arts which are not arts to me and used the computer there to draw seomthing XD
It's obvious who is this, so I won't mention here XD

13.11.2010 & 14.11.2010 (Saturday & Sunday) - AFA X ~ 2010
AFA X ~ 2010 @Suntec Convention Center!
Please view the latest post ^^

15.11.2010 (Monday) - Sayonara! Singapore!
There comes the end for the two weeks' journey!
Morning still have to go back to Irlen Dyslecia Clinic for tuition.. Including me! 'cuz I'll be the 'teacher' for my brother's phonics lessons -_-'''

The day I arrived Singapore's Changi Airport, I wasn't able to walk around since my cousin came to fetch us... So today, before our flight, took some time walk around and got the chance to ride on the SkyTrain :D

And there! Before Check-in.. I went to the toilet..
When I came out, suddenly someone hit my back!
Oh~!!!! It's Misaki~!!!

On the plane.. Looks like most of the passengers were asleep..
I didn't sleep much though.. hehe
And Misaki, who is sitting behind and behind my seat lent me her comic xD

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Now, it's quiteeeeeeee a loooooooong time I didn't blog already...
First of all, my apology *bows* for not spending time on blogging a little..

What was I doing? Of course! Activities..
Christmas is coming! Caroling at KK Plaza for its 10th anniversary this coming Sunday. And yeah, recently been to trips.. like to Bundu Tuhan, Kundasang with Children Church, and to Dungau with Youth Church Special troupe..
Half of the November is Singapore :D
And I really have to say this:
I REALLY MISSED AFA X~!!!!! and Singapore's TOILET!!!!!

Then? That's all?
No! Of course!! There're more!!
Misaki lent me her Anime to me!!!

{Series [Status] ~Fav.Chara}
1) Ga-Rei: Zero [Completed] ~Izayama Yomi
2) Tales of Vesperia [Completed] ~Flynn
3) Haruhi Suzumiya [Completed] ~NO! I dislike this series..
4) To Aru Kagaku no Railgun [Completed] ~Saten Ruiko
5) Clannad [On-going] ~Okazaki Tomoya
5) Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo [featuring XD]
7) 07-Ghost [featuring XD]
8) Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi [featuring XD]
9) Gundam 00 [On-going] - Setsuna F.Seiei

Before borrowing.. watched:
1) K-ON!! [Completed] ~Tainaka Ritsu (well, only S2 lah..)
2) Togainu no Chi [On-going] ~Akira(?) not particularly....
3) Seikon no Qwaser [Half-completed] ~Alecsander Nicholaevich Her aka Sasha

Hmm... will blog about AFA X another day!! Yakusoku da~ :D
I will blog all about AFA X~!!! And prepare for it! It'll be a really long blog :P

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's after one month of exams.
3 exams in one month, that's quite powerful right? XD
When it's in the middle of the exam month, I always think that, why is time passing this slow? I hope for the holidays!
But when it's after exams, my mind totally change the point of view.. ah~ time is passing this fast! It's already November, and Senior life is waiting for me..

Humans are always like this..

Long awaited Singapore Trip! Leaving for 2 weeks!
And I'm so glad that I will be able to go to AFA X ~!!!
It'll be my first time attending such Anime Convention!!
I am soooooo excited!! Kyaaaa~!!!!!!

Sore jya, Ittekimasu^^

Before leaving, share something :)

G - General
U - Unilateral
N - Neuro-Link
D - Dispersive
A - Autonomic
M - Maneuver

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

PMR Mock Exam is OVER! So it's currently celebrating mood!

Right after school, while eating my lunch at school,
I was 'teaching' Grace for the 'No, Thank You!' vocal.
It's not that I'm professional, it's just that I'm more familiar with the song compare to her.

Managed to get back home by 1pm appointment time!
Went to Suria's Golden Screen Cinema to watch movie with my youth group.
As I have to get back to church for worship practice by 4.3opm, our time is really rush.
[Sorry to both of them who accompanied me to Suria.]

We planned to watch 'Salt*', but the tickets happened to be sold out since it's out long time already.
Looking at the schedule, we have only one choice - 'City under Siege'...
Sandra wasn't that like to watch action movie, but no choice.. haha :O
As for me, it is a Never Mind~ since this is the 2nd time I been to cinema O.o

When we went in, the movie has already started, since we have our lunch.
Oh! It's about flying knives~ 飞刀 (小李飞刀 XD)
Imagine it!! Knives Flying~~!!!!!!

Wow! Some parts are so fantastic! Some are sort of laughter! Some are sort of.. scary..(?)
And!! I recognized the MAIN Character!!! 郭富城!!!
Those scenes.... I wonder how they filmed them...
It is... so fake(?) yea, a little too fake........ fly here fly there, float again!
The most unexpected is - EVOLUTION!!!!!

Because of the comedy + scary scenes.. no one fall asleep I think..
Everyone laughed when it's right to laugh :D
But some of the sort of killing part are quite scary too.. but not really very scary to me.. 'cuz I know Hong Kong's movie won't be that scary..
Lastly, what a DRAMATIC ENDING!! LOL :D

After that, went to church for worship practice.. Tired? NO!! I'm enjoying :)

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Monday, July 12, 2010

My friend found this before!

And last week, when my Science Teacher was teaching Periodic Table, I realized it!

Totally HIGH♥ now XD

Long time didn't blog.. Gomenasai minna..
Since I don't really have time for it, and also don't really have the mood to blog.
PMR is coming, UEC is coming too!! I have to really focus on my STUDY!!

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Arigatou Misaki♥
Ano ne! Kore wa watashi no present desu yo!

Lelouch is so CUTE ♥♥♥

As Misaki said:"Take a photo right after you reach home!"

udetokei ga.. ARIGATOU :D

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Long time no blog~ Sashiburi! Minna^^
What am I doing this whole period of time? lots~ O.o

First! It's 1st Term FINAL EXAM!!!!
That's why I was always away all the time before the school holiday :O
Got KHB Exam paper before school holiday, and got... 81% :(
Since we had our last subject on the last day,
so we can't even get back others exam paper..

Well, Hope that it's a SATISFIED result :)

Second! Dancing~!!! (Okay, I always avoid dancing but this time have no choice..)
BCCM Penampang's Youth Sunday is coming!!!
4th July - 8am, 10am, 7.30pm [Welcome^^]
Wanna know what are we doing this for? Please come to our Youth Sunday 2010 :D

The Dance we're going to perform is:
' 撑腰 ' by 罗志祥 & 'Nobody' by Wondergirls :P
**Notes: It's NOT Professional dances, we just started practice since Monday..
So... do forgive our Unprofessional :| 抱歉 .. Sorry.. Minta Maaf.. Gomenasai..

Third! Worship Band Practice!!!
It's for the coming Youth Sunday too!!!
Just got back from practice :)
So far! It's OKAY :D

And, Kety said maybe Youth are going to Kudat for a Special Camp..
30/7 -31/7 (Fri - Sat)... Gosh! 31/7 Science Test?!!? Doushiyo??
I wish to go, but PMR is coming, plus there's a test on that day D:
God! Please Help me! Hallelujah!!!

Lastly!! Yeah!!!! I've Finally!!! Finished watching Special A!!!

It's so so so Funny! HAHAHA :D
It's so so so Romantic! aww~!!!
It's so so so Touching! ♥♥♥
♥ 滝島 彗 ♥

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Thursday, May 20, 2010




我的脑筋当时根本来不及转,但我竟然会拔腿跑到 Mr Lee 的办公室?!


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Friday, April 23, 2010

Me | Rei

Tomorrow's troupe meet, must we go?
It's not about must-a-go or not, it's about how commited you are to this hobby
Owh I see.. but you know, all my friends are not going, and I'm not that know you guys...
haha it's okay.. this troupe meet is welcome to those who are interested, if you ever felt that this is just another burden then you have the option not to attend this troupe meet
And one more, my friends and I have been thinking about this..
we are in the voice acting section.. but we feel like we're parted?
like not really knowing what are hapcho doing...
that is only for performance purpose..
but on regular meetings, all members on different sections will do the same thing in the end
Owh like this! then tomorrow I should bring comb also..

Lol that it ended out like this ==
Hey my Dear J3 Anime Fellows, should you guys take notes for this?

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Everything is so RUSH!!!


Life is so RUSH!!!

For now, may I simply rest?

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Monday, April 5, 2010


Daddy, may GOD bless you :)
Pray for your health..
Pray for your wealth..
Pray for your work..
Pray for your workers..
Pray for your life★
Pray for your love♥

Jesus will always with you when you need Him♥
Angels and Soldiers will protect you from difficulties..
Jesus is our Savior!!

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